KMS's Role:

KMS uses a scientific approach to map an individual’s career profile. We offers students information and support in making choices and lead them from conflict and confusion to clarity about what they truly want to do in life. Since, Kingston Educational Institute is a highly established educational hub with over 15 years of experience our school pupils not only get a once in a life time opportunity to speak/consult with our world class panel of college professors, teachers, deans & directors but also our college students who can provide them with a plethora of expertise on how to cope with placement challenges and to grasp various potential lucrative employment opportunities. 


Parents' Role: 

The subtle influences of early childhood play an important part in shaping a child’s future career choices. Introducing children to the world of work is the first informal step to career guidance. Grade 8 is a suitable time for you, as parents, to start having casual conversations with your children about life after school, your own career journey – how you made choices, the key factors within and beyond your control that influenced your decisions and what you like and dislike about your work. You should encourage the child’s curiosity. You can also share interesting stories, talk about your successes and setbacks, and your hopes and aspirations for yourself.

From Grade 10 onwards, these conversations can be extended to explore the career experiences of other family members, including grandparents, older siblings, relatives and friends. You can also teach your children how to ask questions about other people’s work and get to know about various career profiles. Also, participating in extra-curricular activities will give children an opportunity to begin learning work-related skills such as getting along with people, researching information and resources, planning and organizing, team-work, problem-solving, coping with frustrations, turning setbacks and failures into learning experiences, creativity and managing time.