Social & Cultural Activities @KMS

Cultural activities form an integral part of the KMS experience for all our students. Whether in art, language or music (or all three), our pupils are encouraged to participate and challenge themselves in a wide range of activities - and to become the best they can possibly be.

Participation in a wide range of cultural activities is encouraged and our students are keen to be a part of the many experiences offered in music, drama, dance, amongst others.

In addition, competitions such as House Music and the Talent Quest provide opportunities for all everyone to perform. All school functions are supported by musicians, speakers, dancers and actors, who have the chance to showcase their work on stage. These are great opportunities for parents and the wider school community to see what their boys have achieved and for the performers to test themselves in front of a larger audience.

Cultural activities in their many forms, are an essential part of life at the school and contribute significantly to students’ development into well-rounded individuals, who can contribute to the cultural life of their community.